Treating Dry Skin on Pot Bellied Pigs


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皮肤干燥是许多人及其宠物战斗的问题,尤其是在冬季。猪猪lack the fur that many of our other mammalian exotic pets have and are also prone to dry skin but not all products to combat dryness are safe to use on them.

大多数猪都有我们认为皮肤干燥的东西,这不一定有问题,但是如果您的猪发痒,可能会表明一个更大的问题。 Make sure your pig's diet is appropriate, your house isn't too arid, bathe them only when necessary, and occasionally apply lotion to your pig and you shouldn't need to do to anything more to keep their skin healthy and hydrated.



一种nother common reason for dry skin is a skin parasite infestation. Mites, also often referred to as mange, are common in pet pigs. These itchy ectoparasites will cause rough, scaly skin and your pig will be very itchy. The skin will often become red, inflamed, and may even bleed if your pig scratches hard enough.

一种poor diet还可以导致猪干燥的皮肤。如果您的猪获得了很多垃圾食品,并且缺乏饮食中必需的维生素和矿物质,则皮肤可能会干燥。营养在许多身体功能(包括天然皮肤水分)中起着至关重要的作用。

Stripping natural moisture off of your pot-bellied pig's skin can also happen if you are using a harsh shampoo or bathing them too often.



如果您的猪的干皮肤足够糟糕,您需要对此做些事情,则可以从使用乳液开始。基于芦荟的乳液或Avon Sko So Soft™是Patbellied Pig拥有者的流行选择。椰子油也可以液化并应用于其皮肤上。

增加猪寿命的环境中的湿度也是对抗皮肤干燥的简单解决方案。vwin徳赢如果不能increase the humidity在您的整个房屋中,房间加湿器是小腹猪花费大部分时间的区域的理想选择。

If a dietary issue is suspected as the cause of your pig's dry skin, make sure your pig is getting a large variety of vegetables, a small amount of fruit, and a formulated pig food daily. If after making a dietary change you find that the skin is not what you had hoped for, you can add in some vitamin E oil to their food. 400 IU's of vitamin E is an often recommended amount and you should be sure not to give your pig too much of this fat-soluble vitamin.否则,请考虑购买为含有omega-3脂肪酸的罐头猪而设计的补充剂。

If skin mites are causing dry skin you must get rid of the mites before you will see an improvement in skin health. Ivermectin or doramectin treatments will be needed to effectively rid your pig of those pesky mange mites.有些人选择通过从农场供应店或在线购买药物来在家中治疗,而另一些人则喜欢让他们的外观兽医提供治疗方法。

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