Is Xanthan Gum Vegan? The Vegan's Guide to Understanding Xanthan Gum


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Vegans do an admirable job of reading labels to avoid consuming or using animal products. Sometimes, however, it can be tricky to tell if an ingredient passes muster; xanthan gum is one such ingredient.



黄原胶是一种食物添加剂,它通过发酵简单的糖(以玉米形式)生产出一种,并以一种称为的细菌Xanthomonas campestris


When mixed with water, xanthan gum forms a gel-like substance that emulsifies oil- and water-based ingredients and balances both wet and dry ingredientswithout giving the product a slimy texture。Xanthan gum also makes a great thickener because it maintains its viscosity at room temperature and helps products pour or squeeze well, which is why you’ll find it in toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, and even chocolate syrup. You may also encounter xanthan gum in gluten-free baked goods where its binding capabilities make up for the lack of gluten in the food.

Why Xanthan Gum Is Usually Vegan

Since xanthan gum comes from plant-based sugars and bacteria, neither of which are animal products, it technically meets the requirements of vegan food. But questions about possible alternative cultivation and manufacturing techniques abound in the vegan blogosphere.

It’s true that xanthan gum can be cultivated on各种表面包括含牛奶提取糖(乳糖),但研究rch indicates that glucose performs the best in terms of quality, supply, and yield of product. It’s also less expensive to use plant-based products, and plant-based products provide more consistent results during manufacturing.

Additionally,several patents1990年代提出的描述了用动物衍生的酶溶菌酶来治疗原本纯素食的黄褐色口香糖汤,尽管没有证据表明这些非素食食品中的任何一种在当前的黑糖制造中起着与乳糖相同的原因。



Beyond its role as a food additive, xanthan gum may solve tomorrow’s engineering crises. The future of urban areas will demand building over soft or otherwise unfavorable soil, and xanthan gum is one of the possible naturally-derived solutions to this problem. Extensive research indicates that, after adding xanthan gum and waiting for it to cure,soil strength tends to increase,使工程师更容易在柔软的土壤区域建造。


黄原胶有助于加厚和稳定在内的液体产品,包括大豆牛奶。 Everyday better to do everything you love / Getty Images

Stroll down just about any center aisle of a grocery store and pick up a package—there’s a good chance xanthan gum might show up on the ingredients list. Plant-based foods that may contain xanthan gum include:

Bakery Products

Found in everything from rolls, to crusts, to dry mixes, to cereal bars, xanthan gum is a common ingredient in many processed baked goods.


As more and more vegan alternatives hit the shelves, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the texture of these novel foods. Xanthan gum to the rescue!


Vegan frozen meals often contain xanthan gum to give the food a better mouthfeel, especially after reheating.






Your plant-based butter or margarine may also contain xanthan gum. Relish and other vegan sandwich spreads, too, can have xanthan gum.

Syrups and Toppings

Pouring chocolate or plopping marshmallow fluff on your plant-based ice cream? Those delicious ingredients likely contain xanthan gum.

Vegetable Patties


  • 您怎么知道黄金口香糖是素食主义者?


  • What is xanthan gum made of?

    黄原胶来自用糖(主要是玉米)发酵的糖(主要是玉米)Xanthomonas campestriS细菌。

  • 黄原胶具有明胶吗?

    No, but some non-vegan bakers substitute gelatin for xanthan gum in gluten-free baking recipes.

  • Is xanthan gum dairy-free?

    In all likelihood, yes. While it’s certainly possible to cultivate xanthan gum onwhey或另一种形式的乳糖,几乎所有工业的黄原胶生产都使用玉米作为栽培来源,而不是牛奶来源。